PAFO renews its commitment to rural women

The international community celebrates, today, October 15, 2022, the “International Day of Rural Women”, under the global theme of: ““Rural Women Cultivating Good Food for All”, and under the African theme of:’ ‘’Strengthening Rural Women’s Resilience in Agri-food Systems and Nutrition’’ Declared by the United Nations General Assembly. This celebration is a “recognition of the work of these heroines in the food systems of the world, and a claim for rural areas with equal opportunities for all.

Women represent more than half of the population, the majority live in rural areas. They produce 80% of the food and do most of the production, storage, transportation, and marketing of products locally, nationally, and internationally. They often remain the main drivers of traditional value chains in local markets for fresh or processed foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, tubers, dairy products, and fish.  In addition, a considerable number of the agricultural workforce are women, who are also responsible for nutrition and food security at the household level. And some of them are the sole provider of their families.

Through PAFO, and its member network, advocacy has been done, and different programs have been designed to empower and invest in rural women in terms of promoting gender-sensitive decision-making; supporting economic services to improve the living and working conditions of women; prioritizing technological development policies targeting women farmers and promote their knowledge, skills, and experience in food production and sustainable agriculture.  

On this commemoration of the International Day of Rural Women, PAFO, and its member networks renew their support and commitment to ensure that women are at the center of the organization and all farming-related activities, that they are integrated into all programs and receive resources, and are integrated explicitly into all advocacy, both in written policy and in advocacy delegations; Strengthening women’s leadership and encouraging them to participate in all stages of the agricultural value chain is one of the pillars of PAFO’s Five-Year Strategic Plan (2021-2025), with a director in charge of women affairs, within its Board, and a rural women forum, organized every two years to the rural women’s conference, to highlight their contributions and the challenges they face on their farms.

The Board and the Secretariat of PAFO celebrate, with its rural women members and all over the world, the International Day of Rural Women and wishes them more energy and resilience to continue to surmount the challenges of feeding the world and to ensure food and nutrition security.