Our strategy

The PAFO Strategic Plan (2016 – 2020) comes to its finish line by the end of 2020. Developed according to a process of empowerment of all PAFO members, this strategic plan was PAFO’s benchmark for achieving its objectives, attaining a certain number of achievements, and achieving great performances, in an approach in line with its vision, namely for an Africa where the living conditions of men and women are decent. The Action Plan, which will soon be completed, based on five main axes:

The 1st axis: Strengthening the institutional and organizational framework of PAFO and RFOs and consolidation of internal and external communication of the network

The 2nd axis: Consolidation of the political influence of PAFO at continental and international level

The 3rd axis: Development of collective learning spaces

The 4th axis: Promotion of rural women and rural youth

The 5th axis: Promote agro-industry taking into account the specificities of family farms and agricultural businesses managed by members of PAFO

Currently, PAFO’s new strategic plan for the next five years is being developed to set new goals and ambitions for the years to come. Indeed, the methodology for consultation, reflection and development of the new five-year strategic plan of PAFO (2021-2025) and the operational plan (2021-2022) has been launched. And, it is the “STRATEGIES” design office that was selected to support PAFO in its strategic thinking, thanks to the support of COLEACP.

The strategy will be developed on the basis of a proactive approach with the participation of PAFO member networks and their affiliated national organizations from various African countries. The strategy involves the PAFO member networks, through various strategic reflection workshops and interviews at regional and continental levels, on the different phases of planning development to ensure ownership of the plan and its effective execution by the organization all members. As for this purpose, regional and continental virtual workshops are organized on the African continent.