Our strategy 2021-2025

PAFO has completed the reflection on its NEW STRATEGIC PLAN for the next five years (2021-2025), as well as its operational plan (2021-2022). PAFO adopt a proactive and participatory approach to its member networks and their affiliated national organizations, from various countries on the African continent. The five-year strategic plan contains the objectives to be achieved and the strategic axes over the next five years by PAFO – the voice of dozens of millions of farmers on the continent.

For the development of its strategy, PAFO carried out an inclusive and participatory approach with its regional networks through individual interviews with the Regional Farmers Organizations (RFOs), regional and continental workshops, with the participation of several stakeholders and PAFO partners such as COLEACP, AFDI, WFO, AGRICORD, FAO, AGRA, and EC-EU.

The five-year strategy (2021-2025) and its operational plan (2021-2022), is a strategic vision that proposes a coordinated approach to PAFO interventions for sustainable food and agriculture, which meet the needs and expectations of Farmer’s Organizations (FOs) and the agriculture sector in Africa.

On the foundation of “Farming as a business and a pillar for economic, social and cultural development in Africa”, PAFO built a 5-year strategy of four key pillars:

  • Pillar I : Focuses on strengthening PAFO as an organization to enable it to execute the strategic plan.
  • Pillar II et III : Focus on strengthening farmers as entrepreneurs
  • Pillar IV : Focuses on influencing laws, policies, programs, financial mechanisms, etc. to benefit farming as a business in Africa.

The strategic orientations are executed while integrating the following cross-cutting thematic;

  • Ensure that women and youth are at the center of the organization and all farming-related activities, that they are integrated into all programs and receive resources, and are specifically integrated into all advocacy, both in written policy and in advocacy delegations;
  • Strengthening farmer’s resilience to face climate change and other crises, etc;
  • Ensure Innovation at all levels of the value chain: production, marketing, financing, etc.

PAFO’s five-year strategy and its operational plan were made possible thanks to COLEACP – for its financial support – and STRATEGIES! – for its technical support.