Governance bodies

PAFO is governed by the following structures whose composition and functions are determined by PAFO internal regulation :

– The Ordinary General Meeting

The General Assembly (GA), made up of all member organizations of the PAFO networks.
The General Assembly elects the Board of Directors and the president. It meets once every two years.
Membership is open to any organization affiliated with one of the five sub-regional networks that are members of PAFO.

Board of directors

The Board of Directors (CA) is chaired by the President of PAFO for a period of two years. 
The Board of directors’ members are :

  • President: approved/endorsed at the General Assembly on the recommendation of the Board
  • Vice-President: represent the President whenever it is necessary
  • Treasurer
  • Women representative: being elected by women members representatives in PAFO Assemblies
  • Youth representative: being elected by youth members representatives in PAFO Assemblies
  • Two ordinary members: being mandated by the Board for any responsibilities

PAFO Secretariat

The Executive Secretary is the head of the secretariat of PAFO and is supervised by the President.

The Executive Secretary is responsible for day to day operations of the office and appointing and supervising technical staff and can also be responsible for resource mobilization.