Handover at PAFO: “A New Leadership is Emerging”!

The official handover ceremony took place at the PAFO headquarters in Kigali, symbolizing the passing of the torch from the outgoing President, Kolyang Palebele, to the newly elected President, Ibrahima Coulibaly. In assuming the reins, Coulibaly brings with him substantial experience and a vision for the future of African agriculture.

Ibrahima Coulibaly, renowned for his commitment to the agricultural sector, is poised to guide PAFO towards even greater achievements. His leadership is expected to bring fresh perspectives, innovative strategies, and renewed attention to the challenges faced by farmers across the continent.

President Coulibaly’s tenure promises to be marked by initiatives that promote sustainable agricultural practices, enhance the well-being of farmers, and advocate for policies strengthening the agricultural sector in Africa. His leadership is anticipated to build upon the foundations laid by his predecessors, propelling PAFO towards increased influence and impact.

As President Coulibaly takes the helm, the agricultural community looks forward to his guidance, expecting new horizons and impactful strategies that address the evolving needs of farmers in Africa. The ceremony signifies not just a change in leadership but the beginning of a new chapter for PAFO under the visionary leadership of Ibrahima Coulibaly.