UNFCCC Capacity Building Webinar 10 : “Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) – What’s in it for you and your Farmers’ Organization?

The 10th UNFCCC capacity-building webinar, organised by PAFO in collaboration with FFD and AHA, was held online on 29 April 2024. This new event, part of the UNFCCC online series, focused on: “Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) – What are the benefits for you and your farmer organisation?”.

This webinar offers:

✅ Insights into how NDCs function and the role of Farmers’ Organizations

✅ Networking opportunities with fellow FO representatives

✅ Analytical tools for assessing NDCs and agriculture’s contribution

Speakers include:

✅ Derrick Kapolo, Head of Agribusiness, Farmers’ Union of Malawi

✅ William Madudike, Chair of Youth Board/Zimbabwe Farmers’ Union

✅ Maïdie Sinitambirivoutin, Climate Change Specialist, FAO