Panafrican FO exchange platform : Session 16: “Strategic Planning”, moderated by ROPPA & UMNAGRI

Strategic Planning is an essential process for farmer organisations, as it enables them to define a long-term vision, identify clear objectives and put in place strategies to achieve them. By engaging in rigorous strategic planning, farmers’ organisations can better structure their actions, mobilise their resources effectively and adapt to the changing challenges of the agricultural sector.

In order to strengthen the strategic planning capacities of its members, and as part of the Pan-African Platform for Exchange between Farmers’ Organisations, set up by PAFO in collaboration with AHA, ROPPA and UMNAGRI are combining their efforts and organising a session on “strategic planning”. The session aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills they need to develop effective strategic plans for their organisations.


  • Learn the key components of a strategic plan and how to develop them.
  • Explore strategies for aligning organisational objectives with resources and activities.
  • Improve skills in monitoring and evaluating the implementation of strategic plans.
  • Empower participants to advocate for policies that support sustainable agricultural development.