Innovation Series-Session 6: ”Promoting sustainable agriculture and agroecological practices: the key role of MSMEs and farmers organizations”

PAFOCOLEACP  Innovation Series held on the 30, September 2021 were focused on: ” Promoting sustainable agriculture and agro-ecological practices: the key role of MSMEs and farmers organizations”.

The key points for discussion were:

  • How African MSMEs and farmers organizations can upscale more sustainable practices from farm to fork? What are the drivers of success?
  • What obstacles do they face? What support do they need?
  • What incentives can be provided to MSMEs and smallholders to transition and accelerate the adoption and implementation of agro-ecological practices?

The full program of this session is available HERE
 Speakers’ bio-data are available HERE

The hole 6th session, “Sustainable food systems: the key role of SMEs and businesses” is available HERE