CBI2: 2nd Steering Committee

The 2nd CBI2 steering committee meeting with the participation of PAFO member networks and partners representatives. The opportunity to discuss the progress of the program, and how to improve the participation of Farmers organizations in land reform process for better living conditions of family farmers.

The SC meeting was held virtually for its second time on 10th May 2021 chaired by Ms Elizabeth NSIMADALA, the SC chair to discuss on the implementation progress, challenges and how to put more effort towards the achievement of the project objectives and reach the expected impact.

The first and the 2nd SC meetings have already taken place and a third and last one is planned towards the end of the project for self-assessment and see the takeaway from the project. PAFO has been consolidating technical reports from RFOs as required by the project reporting procedure.

PAFO is conducting the research to produce a thematic note on “the promotion of family farming specificities in land governance processes.” The note is expected to be finalised by end of May 2021 and the findings will be presented in the webinar on promotion of family farming that PAFO is planning to organize in June 2021. On 23th November 2020 in partnership with the WRF, PAFO organized a webinar on the UNDFF in Africa attended by different Partners involved in UNDFF to assessed the status of UNDFF implementation in Africa; the progress and challenges.

Besides, PAFO in collaboration with ILC plans to consolidate data that are being collected by National Engagement Strategies (NES) using the Landex tool developed by ILC to monitor the land governance through the indicators articulated to the ILC 10 commitments, the consolidated data will be analysed and a continental position paper will be produced.