6th PAFO GA & Side Events – Tunisia (23-28 October 23)

Under the banner of : “Promoting resilient and sustainable food systems for the prosperity of farmers”, the 6th PAFO GA& Events will be preceded by other events, to which delegates from PAFO member networks, PAFO’s technical and financial partners, the Tunisian authorities and African POs are invited.  These include:

Rural Women’s Forum;

Agroecology Workshop;

Workshop on the Mapping Strategy for POs and Local African Agricultural Products”;

These events will culminate on 27 and 28 October 2023, with the holding of the 6th General Assembly.


The objectives of these Events are to :

  1. Provide a forum to the PAFO Governance organs to discuss and endorse reports, programs, plans and activities implemented in-between two assemblies;
  2. Inform the members, farmers and partners about the PAFO engagement at the continental and global levels;
  3. Provide a platform for knowledge sharing, exchanges, advocacy and lobbying among Farmers Organizations, and with technical and financial partners.

At the GA, PAFO will elect a new President and a new Board.

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