2nd online seminar on : “SB58 meeting, the role in the decision-making process”.

The PAFO-WFO-FFD and AHA second online seminar was held on 2 jun 2023. It was about the “SB58 meeting, the role in the decision-making process”. “The session went through the annual meetings and how the SB meetings take forward the decisions of the previous COP. The role of Parties and non-Parties was discussed, the role of national focal points, and the topics which are relevant to agriculture that was dealt with in SB58.
The session started with a presentation by Dr. Ceris Jones. Afterward, there was an interactive session in break-out rooms where participants discussed how the governments prepare for SB58, which are the national focal points and national delegations, and their roles and which other actors participate in the elaboration of national positions. Attention was given to the submission of the African Group of Negotiators in Sharm el-Sheikh.
The realization of the online seminar series is supported by AHA, through its program on “Strengthening Farmers’ Organizations” funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

The Hole session HERE