More Women farmer’s in Leadership Position

Kigali, 09.05.2023 – Fifteen rural women from the five PAFO member networks and 5 rural women from the German Association of Rural Women (dlv) are currently in an international exchange and knowledge-sharing program in Kigali, Rwanda. 

They are participants in the Women Farmers’ Leadership Program: “Enhancing women farmer’s participation in Decision—making”, implemented by PAFO-AHA in cooperation with the German Association of Rural Women (Deutscher LandFrauenverband e.V. – dlv), to create pan-African role models for the empowerment of women in agricultural associations and Farmers Organizations and to put them on the continental agenda.

The 20 rural women in leader positions from Africa and Germany are meeting in Kigali for a 5-day training workshop (8 – 12 May 2023). They will benefit from different sessions, among others, success leadership; Leadership styles; Leadership skills; Systems thinking; Circle of influence as well as a session on the role to be ensured in the Farmers organization.  They will also have the opportunity to share their experience in managing FOs and their advocacy knowledge.

This workshop will be complemented by an online tandem coaching phase of several months. A final workshop will take place in Germany, in September 2023, to enhance the global networking of women.  

“PAFO and AHA are collaborating together to strengthen the system of farmer organizations in Africa, professionalize and capacitate regional and national farmer organizations, men, women, and youth, including organizational and individual capacity building. Through a continental approach, regional (RFO) and national FOs (NFO – approached through the RFO) shall be better equipped to live up to their mandate, address today’s challenges, raise the farmer’s voice, and serve their members”, said  Babafemi, PAFO CEO, at the launch of the training workshop.

Nicole Bolomey, International Director at AHA, underlined that  “Nous apprendrons les uns des autres, en partageant nos expériences et en renforçant nos capacités pour que les Femmes soient au bon endroit au sein des Organisations Paysannes“.

Petra Bentkämper, President of dlv, said:  “Women play a crucial role, especially in the agricultural sector and the food system. Equal participation is essential to advance rural development, agricultural production, and food security on a global scale. 

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