Launch of FO4ACP in the Caribbean

FO4ACP (Farmers’ Organizations Program for African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries) funded by OACPS-EU and IFAD, implemented by six regional farmer organizations, the PanAfrican Farmer Organization (PAFO), AgriCord and its agri-agencies, for the benefit of over 52 million smallholders, will be complemented today by the launch of FO4ACP in the Caribbean with the participation of the FAO regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean , in close collaboration with national farmers’ organizations.

As a reminder, FO4ACP, which was launched in Africa in July 2019, emphasizes the provision of economic services, advocacy activities and the institutional development of farmer organizations. It aims to increase incomes, improve livelihoods and strengthen food and nutrition security, including food safety, of organized smallholders and family farmers in countries of Africa, the Caribbean and the South. Pacific by consolidating regional, national and local farmers’ Organizations.