PAFO is organizing the FO4ACP Global Knowledge Management Event in Kigali on 16-18 May 2023, in Kigali. PAFO is already an implementing partner of the FO4ACP program. It has an impeccable role in bringing regional and national farmers’ organizations across the entire continent together. PAFO has enough experience in organizing FO4ACP events (Start-up workshop of FO4ACP, Rural Women Summit, and Youth Summit) and it is located in the center for receiving participants from the ACP regions with headquarters in Kigali, Rwanda.

After the completion of the FO4ACP MTR, the FO4ACP program partners have come to an ideal moment to exchange good and promising practices and to include improved approaches in the second half of the program implementation.

The event will bring together all the Farmers’ Organizations, implementing the FO4ACP program, from different continents.

To find out more about the FO4ACP Global Knowledge Management event, by PAFO read Concept Note.