FO4ACP: First technical supervision mission of PAFO by IFAD

Several activities under the FO4ACP annual work plan have been completed, others are still ongoing. Even though there has been progress in the implementation of FO4ACP, some activities have been postponed due to the health crisis generated by Covid-19 and PAFO has had to postpone several activities to adapt to the situation.

After the FO4ACP coordination meeting, which took place in June 2020, the IFAD supervision mission was held, virtually between 7 and 11 September 2020, with ROPPA, made it possible to assess the state of progress of PAFO’s FO4ACP. The President and all the technical team of PAFO intervened to present the achievements and challenges encountered in the implementation of FO4ACP.

This supervision enabled the newly recruited staff to be trained in IFAD monitoring and evaluation methodologies. PAFO has received positive feedback on its remarkable progress in implementing the FO4ACP annual work plan despite the crisis of the covid-19 pandemic.