FO4ACP : 2nd continental coordination meeting

The second virtual FO4ACP continental coordination meeting was organized by PAFO and Agricord, in order to consolidate the state of the implementation of the FO4ACP program and to share the coordination effort carried out at the regional and continental level.

The continental coordination meeting aims to share experiences across the continent and increase the coordination effort between FOs and agri-agencies to learn from each other and explore more areas of collaboration.

Among the participants were PAFO and its five member networks, EAFF, PROPAC, ROPPA, SACAU and UMNAGRI, Agricord and its member agencies, representatives from the EU, IFAD and M. Espicion Joaquin Oliveira Gomez, Assistant Secretary General, PARTNERSHIPS 2ND FO4ACP CONTINENTAL COORDINATION MEETING Sustainable Economic Transformation and Trade at Secretariat of the OACPS.