CBI 2: 1rst steering committee meeting

Following several discussions on the development of CBI2, the contract was signed on 4th June. So far, implementation has started with facilitation and coordination with PAFO member networks that are implementing CBI2.

CBI2 is one of ten commitment- based initiatives adopted by ILC, as a global and regional mechanisms to advance changes on land issues through development of partnerships and common strategy. PAFO and its four members allocated in ACP region, intervenes on second commitment whose goal is to contribute to improving the participation of farmers’ organizations in land reform processes ensuring fair and responsible investments for better living conditions for family farmers.

The PAFO facilitate the implementation of this program with RFOs and on top of that, the first CBI2 Steering Committee was organized by PAFO with its members and ILC for the progress of the #CBI2 implementation, on October 13, 2020.