AU-EU Agriculture Ministers Conference: Farmer-Led side event

In the framework of the fifth African Union – European Union Agriculture Ministerial Conference in Rome (Italy), PAFO is on the lead, with the support of Agricord, of a farmer-led side event, to showcase the role and value addition by African Farmers Organizations and Agri-Agencies operating in partnership.   

The main objective of the session is to undertake a stocktaking of the key contributions and main achievements of the joint program  : The Farmers’ Organizations for Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (FO4ACP) program (FO4ACP) and “Farmers Organizations Leading Research & Innovation on agroecology for sustainable food systems” FORI) in strengthening the capacities of farmer’s organizations and promoting sustainable rural development.

The FARMER SIDE EVENT, led by PAFO, is on “AU – EU partnership and the role of FOs in Resilient food systems and sustainable agri- value chains” . The session is organised into three discussion blocks focus on:

  1. Keynote presentation on the role of Farmers Organisations in building resilient food systems and sustainable value chains.
  2. Showcasing success stories of economic services of member-based farmers organizations.
  3. A panel discussion on Agroecology practices and soil health maintenance for agricultural productivity.