Family Farming Products of PAFO and his members.

This report was published following the sharing seminar "Feeding Cities", for share the lessons of their promotion and defense of family farming.


World Alliance Against Hunger: Family farms can feed and enrich West Africa
Speech by the former President of ROPPA, Mr. Ndiogou Fall at the Assembly of the World Alliance against Hunger.

Ndiogou Fall: head of the Network of Farmers’ Organizations and Agricultural Producers in West Africa: protecting African family farms
Interview in the Journal of Economy (Senegal) of former ROPPA President Ndiogou Fall on the role of family farms in reducing the "global agricultural fracture".

Getting to know the West African family farm better
Dossier on the Mbour workshop on the establishment of an observatory for family farms in West Africa (ROPPA_CIRAD_TERA-26/29 October 2004).